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Prepainted Steel Coil
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Product Name:Prepainted Steel Coil Product Sku:PPGI Product Description:

PPGI is the material which uses galvanized steel as the basic substrate metal.There could be other substrates such as aluminium,aluminium zinc,stainless steel,etc. Prepainted galvanized steel coil refers that after the surface pretreatment of base plate, covering one layer or two layers(more than two layers when necessary) organic coating on the surface with the method of continuous coating,and then conduct drying and solidifying. Prepainted galvanized steel coil is characterized of excellent decoration,moldability,corrosion resistance,strong coating adhesive force and can keep the novel luster for a long time.
PPGI surface can be divided into coated board, embossed board, printing plate.

1).Thickness: 0.17-0.8mm,Thickness tolerance:±0.02mm
2).Width: Less Than 1250mm,Width tolerance:-0/+3mm
3).Coil Weight: 3-7 Ton
4).ID: 508±10mm or 610±10mm
5).Colors:White, Black, Sky Blue, Red (Changeable By Customers' Request)
6). Coat painting: PE, SMP and PVDF
Coat Fabric: Top Coat:10-25 Micron Polyester+ 5-10 Micron Primer,(Can cover PE Protective Film)
Back Coat:5-20 Micron Primer
7) The gloss can changeable by Customers' Request.we can also do some High gloss, with some sparkling granule in it.
8) .△E≤0.5, Paint Thickness:±2um,
T Bend Test:1T-3T ,Pencil hardness: min F.
MEK Test: min. 100 double rubs for top side.
9). Packaging: Inner Packing: Anti-Rust Paper ;Outer Packing: Corner Protected.
10).Standard: GB/T 12754-2006, ASTM A 755, EN 10169,JIS G 3312
11).PPGI application: widely used in roof, construction, door and windows, solar heater, cold room, kitchen utensils, household appliance, decoration,transportation and other lines.
12).Year Capacity: 100,000Tons

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